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I look back very fondly on my years attending as a student of Coastal Carolina (CCU). I certainly enjoyed the many diverse experiences available to us at that period of the university's history, but I especially enjoyed the academics. As a student of political science and history, I was able to explore the nuances of these social studies deeply and was constantly encouraged by the faculty and staff to advance my interests in these subjects.

In fact, one of my proudest memories was in 2004. Four other history student classmates and I – all of whom were juniors at that time – were honored with the privilege to drive up about an hour and a half up the road to Wilmington, NC and present research papers we had each written about various subjects.

Mine in particular was called Cam Crawford – "The Controversy Surrounding the 1954 South Carolina U.S. Senatorial Election." It was certainly a proud moment to share my work on this research paper at the Carolinas Regional Conference, which was taking place at UNC Wilmington that year.

Cam Crawford CCU News:

Below is a collection of articles regarding Cam Crawford and his involvement with Coastal Carolina University over the years – as an alumnus of the university and as an Horry County Councilman.

About Coastal Carolina University (CCU)

Before it was called Coastal Carolina University, the school began as Coastal Carolina Junior College in 1954. At that time, it was only a two year school and was actually affiliated with the College of Charleston. Everything about the school was essentially part time in the beginning. To attend, its students actually visited a local high school campus for their classes.

Eventually, the affiliation with the College of Charleston no longer continued, and around that time, the college began to receive tax money from Horry County to support its growth, which was approved by county council at that time. To help with oversight and offical matters, the University of South Carolina became invovled as well. It was not until 1963 that the campus formed, with its first building being constructed on property which was once owned by International Paper Company.

The leadership at the school included a period of Directors, and Chancellors, but in 1993, the college's first president, whose name was Ronald R. Ingle, began his official tenure to lead the school. In 2007, he was replaced by David A. DeCenzo, and then in 2021, Michael T. Benson became the college's third president.

Over the years, Coastal Carolina has gain accolades in a variety of academic, professional, and community realms. However, there was a particularly special moment which brought the university into public acclaim, when the college baseball team won the College Word Series.