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Well before first being elected as an Horry County Councilman seven years ago in 2015, I have long believed that Public Safety is critical to Horry County. Especially now, as we are seeing record influx of new population transplanting to our area for its many benefits and economic opportunities, it is so critical that our public safety officials including fireman, police, and other officials receive the backing and support that they deserve.

In my 2019 interview with WPDE, I discussed this in greater detail. 

"Councilman Cam Crawford said a pay increase is needed because as the county grows, so does revenue, and he wants to tap into some of that revenue to increase pay for first responders."

"'For a growing community like ours, where demand on public safety is a little greater, I thought this was the direction we needed to start moving. In the legislation, there are provisions in there for public safety, as it relates to tourism, etc. To help public safety and to create the best environment possible for public safety and all county employees.'"

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In 2020, I was honored to join Paul Gable and guest host Randall Wallace for Episode 75 of the Talking Politics Podcast with Cam Crawford Myrtle Beach SC

As an Horry County Councilman, it is very important to me to speak openly about the many incredible and exciting things that are going on in our area. Myrtle Beach and Horry County are truly booming with a continual influx of new residents, businesses, and tourism. To capitalize on this, we have to ensure that we are prepared and ready. 

In this discussion, we talk about the local area and the importance of protecting all the incredible resources that we posess and how to make the most of them.